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taylor lisney
i'm a media designer

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It all starts with research. By understanding your audience, I can determine the best possible way to captivate it.


This is the phase where that understanding becomes a concrete plan. We'll work together to establish the visual language for the design phase.


From inception to completion, we'll collaborate to ensure the message of these assets is exactly in line with where you want your business to go and how you want it to be perceived.


Finally, we launch the content, be it web or print, and closely monitor the effect. Using the most current methods, I'm able to adapt by collecting data to make sure your investment pays off, every single time.


Who am I?

I began my career in marketing and graphic design in 2004. Fascinated by logo and web design from the time of my teenage years, the combination of creating visuals and marketing a product or service simply made sense to me.

Over the course of the past decade or so, I've been continuously pushing myself to create effective, compelling media that fits within the business landscape of today as well as tomorrow.

My work has been featured nationally and my career has seen me in a multitude of creative roles, as I am known for my ability to adapt and deliver quickly, regardless of medium. I love the freelance lifestyle and am always looking to work on new and challenging projects.


  • Photoshop

  • Video Shooting/Editing

  • Illustrator

  • Motion Graphics


  • Wordpress


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